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i'm jana and...


I could tell you a bunch of stuff about my business. How I became a professional photographer in 2010 and then went on to land my dream job on a TV show.  Any Nate Berkus fans out there? That was so much fun! But I’m guessing you’re probably at the about page because you want to make sure I’m not some weirdo on the Internet.


I get it. Here’s a little bit of my backstory. I started my online business in 2015 after a series of miscarriages. 7 to be precise. Keep in mind my only living son had just gone through heart surgery and I was actively doing photo shoots multiple times per week to help keep up with medical bills. The miscarriages and hospital visits forced me to slow down and take a look at how much I was working vs. how much I was making. I was exhausted and knew I couldn't keep up with my full time photography gig for much longer.  


Armed with my camera and laptop I took my photography skills and created an online stock photo business that generated six figures in the first year alone. After that I decided to run ads to my Lightroom Editing Presets. That move changed my life forever. I started making more in one month than I would make in an entire year. Through that process  I learned the skills it would take to attract organic traffic and married that with running Facebook ads to skyrocket my sales. 


And that’s why I developed the Leveraged Marketing Formula.  I can teach you how to tap into the magic of marrying organic posts with paid traffic.  A skill that will change your life and business forever!  If you are ready to dive in and set up a proven system that generates income and creates are in the right place!


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DIY Course $497

Want to dig in and learn the Leveraged Marketing Formula at your own pace?  This course is perfect for you.  As a DIYer and lifelong learner myself, I created this course to give you access to my signature process...without the hefty price tag of a VIP day.  


VIP Day $4,000

Want to book a day to set up the entire Leveraged Marketing Process  in real time, with me right by your side? This was made for you!  Spots are limited.


Monthly Membership $2,000

The beauty of the DIY course, the perks of a VIP Day.  Your membership gives you access to the course, PLUS weekly work hours where you can meet with a dedicated expert to get help setting up the process in real time. 



I work with my clients to strategically ensure that nothing in their business is wasted.  Taking control of your social media efforts (organic & paid) sets the foundation for dependable sales and FREEDOM in your business.

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